Aaron Boyer

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Aaron has spent decades in enterprise software development, working for Snap.com, YMCA, AT&T Interactive, and YP.

As a Senior Software Engineer or as a Consultant, Aaron has amassed an impressive portfolio of expertise in developing algorithms and revenue-critical, high-availability, distributed, geo-redundant software solutions.

As Chief Executive Officer for the Thing Engine brand, Aaron directly manages many of the strategic relationships with partners and suppliers, such as IBM, Oracle, and Amazon Web Services.  He's developed in-house expertise on compliance and security programs such as FedRAMP, HIPAA, SOX and GDPR.  Aaron also holds certification in Amazon Web Services.

Aaron's high level understanding of how the applications in his portfolio interact with an enterprise network make him the ideal candidate to provide support to companies
deploying sensitive software such as a SAM tool into an enterprise environment.