Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is TEAM pricing based on devices?

    TEAM pricing is not based on the number of devices that will be managed.  The price is all inclusive, no matter if you want to manage 1 device or 1 million.


  • How do I get support?

    Log into the Customer Success Portal, open Get Help, and choose to create a request for one of the available options.  Once you've entered a written request, we'll call or email you, as you prefer, and assist you as soon as possible with your request.  Feel free to call us directly once you've created the written request; we need to track all requests in writing.

Data Brokers

  • What is a Data Broker?

    A Data Broker is TEAM terminology for any process used to import data through automated methods into the database.  Behind the scenes, for example, it could represent a PowerShell script or scripts that collect data, or a JSON call to a vendor's management API, SNMP queries, or CSV imports, or some other methodology.

  • Will you make "custom" Data Brokers?

    Yes, we would be happy to assist the success of your project by creating a custom data broker.  Our primary criterion is that the new Data Broker must be potentially useful to other members of the community, as well.  Please contact us with your requirements and we can discuss further.


  • Do I have to really have to write my own SQL reports?

    We understand that not every company has the in-house expertise to write SQL reports.  Therefore, we've included custom report writing in our subscription.  Simply log into the Customer Success Portal, open Get Help, and enter your request.  We'll process them as quickly as we can and post them to the Script Repository.  Community members can also contribute scripts they've written.


  • Why is the product called TEAM?

    TEAM is an acronym for Thing Engine Asset Manager.

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